How are PC Games Different from other Platforms

Among many forms of entertainment like the movies and music, video games are the no.1 entertainment. More time and money is spent on video games by companies to offer the consumers with a wide variety of games and gaming platforms. The most recent form of playing video games is the mobile video games. But you will be surprised to know that the most revenue generated by the gaming industry is through the PC platform.

Popular Gaming Platforms

Different kinds of platforms have evolved since the video games came into existence. Today, there are a handful of platforms available for playing video games. But the most popular ones are the Personal Computers (PCs), Video Game Consoles and Mobile devices.

Video Game Consoles

Consoles were created solely for playing video games. These consoles have a set of input devices like a joystick and the main processing unit. These devices are connected to a television to get the visual feedback of the consoles. There are many companies exclusively producing consoles. Some of the popular consoles in the market are PlayStation, Xbox360, and Wii. There are also handheld consoles like the Nintendo that are lightweight with their own display units.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the latest additions to the gaming platform. With the rise of smartphones, mobile gaming is becoming popular. With lots of free and paid games to pay, there are lots of options for playing mobile games.


When we talk about a convenient type of platform, the first thing to come to our mind is the PC. It can be either desktops or laptops, but the advanced configuration of PCs allow us to load and run even complex games in the system.

Why are PC Games the most Preferred?

While there are many gaming platforms available, PC games are different from others and are still the most preferred one because of the following factors.

  • Price: PC gaming was once considered a costly affair. But with prices of PCs has gone down a lot, people prefer this type of PCs that offers much more than just a game platform. No matter if you go for a simple entry level gaming laptop or go for a cost-effective <$1500 laptop for gamers, there is a PC in a price range for you. While the consoles are solely for gaming, PCs are not so.
  • Upgradation: PCs are rather flexible when it comes to upgrades compared to other platforms. When it comes to most of the other platforms, upgrading is a lot tougher or don’t work at all. 
  • Backward Compatibility: There is no compatibility issue in PC games. Once you have a PC game on your system, it lasts forever even after tons of updates. A PC game lasts forever. If a PC game works on the current PC, it will also work on the future version or the upgraded version.
  • Cheaper Games: It is a lot easier and cheaper to be a PC gamer when it comes to playing new titles. Also, many of the popular games are PC games that are free to play. One can spend hours in playing these PC games and yet, pay nothing.
  • Online Capability: Every PC will have Internet access and gamers find it easy to play online anywhere and anytime. Consoles are slowing getting into this mode but they are yet to catch up with PC games.

Other than this, PC games have more control flexibility than the other platforms. The power of both the keyboard and mouse make PC games more precise, approachable and controllable for all the game lovers.

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